History and Origin of Orgonites.

13 de diciembre de 2020

Between the 1930s and 1940s Dr. Wilhelm Reich was able to detect the existence of bluish radiation, which he called orgone, using a Geiger meter to measure it. The researcher and Dr. Wilhelm Reich realized in his experiments that by alternating different layers of fiberglass, which is an insulating material, and conductive metal layers, a measurable vital field of considerable dimensions was created. He verified that these camps had a very positive influence on the physical and psychological health of those who entered them. In 1986, scientists from the University of Marburg in Germany published results of a blind study that showed that orgone treatments for as little as 30 minutes had a positive impact on human health.

W. Reich built his laboratory and did studies on this source of vital energy. He manufactured his orgone accumulators where he performed treatments on his patients. He expanded his studies, applying the creation of orgon fields to areas affected by great electromagnetic pollution such as nuclear power plants, and today telephone stations, high voltage towers, etc.

Reich was able to verify with this that these orgone fields were capable of transforming the negative energy (DOR), which these places gave off, and recycling them into healthy positive vital energy.

Already in 2007, Don Croft and Carol contributed to the original formula of orgone accumulators, incorporating quartz crystals, which, due to their piezoelectric properties, gave a great leap in their properties. For this genius is that the new orgone accumulators have the possibility of a constant repolarization, so that the orgonites do not saturate, expanding their power and working constantly without the need to clean or discharge the accumulated DOR like the old accumulators. These new accumulators became an authentic key to the zero point field, where vital energy flows inexhaustibly, freeing spaces from electromagnetic pollution and restoring vitality to the people and beings that inhabit them.

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