Functions of the Orgonites

13 de diciembre de 2020
  • Transform the negative etheric energy of your home and environment into healthy vital energy.
  • Inspires in the environment a feeling of optimism and positive energy, activates and enhances natural energy.
  • Helps restore the natural bioelectric pulsation, to maintain a balanced state of health.
  • Disarm energy blockages, keeping people away from negative and parasitic influences.
  • They carry out an energy balance of the environment, re-ionizing charges, relieving headaches caused by long exposures in front of computers and television screens, tablets, mobile phones…
  • It helps plants to grow better and biological organisms to maintain an energy balance.
  • It often induces restful sleep and enhances lucid dreaming.
  • It mitigates the harmful effects of EMF radiation (electromagnetic radiation), allowing you to collaborate with a cleaner, more supportive and respectful world.
  • Power your innate psychic senses, promote spiritual awakening and expansion of consciousness.

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