What are Orgonites?

13 de diciembre de 2020

Orgonite is an orgone capacitor and transformer, ideal for purifying and harmonizing the environment.

It recycles electromagnetic pollution, absorbing DOR energy (death orgone) or deadly orgone, which is produced with the emissions from Cellular, Wifi, Radio, TV, Computer, Router, Mobile antennas… transforming said pollution into clean energy and balanced called POR (positive orgone).

Orgonite is an orgone transformer that does not saturate, thanks to the piezoelectric property of the quartz crystal pressed by a mechanical contraction index of the polyester resin, which repolarizes the charges that accumulate, constantly ionizing the environment.

An orgonite or orgonite is composed of metal shavings (50%) and polyester resin (50%) in equal proportions and piezoelectric quartz crystal.

Orgonites act as a protective screen for the electromagnetic pollution of our days generated by multiple electrical devices such as: microwaves, TVs, refrigerators, mobile phones, wireless devices, antennas, satellite dishes, Wi-Fi networks, wireless networks, ADSL or fiber router, etc. .

The orgonite is also enhanced when it is manufactured with appropriate geometric figures, which by the principle of magnetic affinity of the forms, attracts the universal vital energy present in the atmosphere and living organisms.

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