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Acupuncture for Heaven.

Wilhelm Reich and Orgonomy

Wilhelm Reich and Orgonomy 2

Wilhelm Reich and the Orgone Energy

5G. Documentary film.

  • 5G. Assault military technology.
  • 5G. Exposure levels.
  • 5G. smart meters.
  • 5G. We are guinea pigs.
  • 5G. Mobile and cancer.
  • 5G. Wifi, cell phones and cancer.
  • 5G. Data hiding.
  • 5G. The destruction of DNA.
  • 5G. The destruction of genetic inheritance.
  • 5G and autism.
  • 5G and geoengineering.
  • 5G. Anecdotes.
  • The fable of the monkey and the pot with peanuts.