5G health risks; More than 180 scientists and doctors in nearly 40 countries are warning the world about the health risks posed by 5G technology.

7 de mayo de 2020

5G health risks; More than 180 scientists and doctors in nearly 40 countries are warning the world about the health risks posed by 5G technology.

“We, the undersigned scientists, recommend a moratorium on the deployment of the fifth generation, 5G, until the potential risks to human health and the environment have been fully investigated by independent industry scientists. 5G technology will substantially increase exposure to Radio Frequency Electromagnetic Fields (RF-EMF)… and this has been shown to be harmful to humans and the environment.”

If you’re not alarmed by the dangers of 5G radiation, you should be…

With download speeds up to 20 to 30 times faster than 4G, 5G promises a new world, including driverless cars while also causing a laundry list of potential health risks. The cities of Brussels and Geneva even blocked tests and banned upgrades to 5G due to this concern.

The difference between 4G and 5G in terms of gigahertz, the unit of alternating current (AC) or electromagnetic (EM) waves that affect the transmission speeds of devices, is significant. 5G technology promises millimeter radio bands in the 30 to 300 GHz range, while 4G reaches around 6GHz. When applied to video latency, this translates to speeds up to 60 to 120 times faster.

Before 2G, 3G and 4G, radio frequencies were benign. We never worried that our drive-time radio shows would fry our brains. Unfortunately, once the concept of wireless “G” technology got off the ground, we began exposing the global public to microwave-like frequencies at billions of cycles per second.

Humans, animals and the environment have been at risk for years. While 4G was bad enough, 5G takes the game to a whole new level.


The first documentary to investigate the current mechanisms by which cell technology can cause cancer. The film shows how humanity reacts to the biggest environmental change the planet has ever seen.

5G (or 5th generation) refers to the latest advancement in wireless systems. 5G promises larger channels, higher speeds, larger data packets, exponential responsiveness, and the ability to connect a large number of devices from a single location. At first, 5G networks will not work the same. Some will be slow and some of these networks will be super fast, but with limited coverage. Eventually, they will form a global gridiron, unlike anything the world has ever seen.

It would be logical to assume that 5G technology has been tested for its risks, but this simply has not happened. There are no convincing data on health risks. In fact, when 5G launches, it will be the first real test on humans. This is unprecedented for a large-scale public technology launch.

While 4G wavelengths travel along the skin’s surface, 5G’s millimeter waves are more insidious. When 5G wavelengths are emitted, our skin will automatically absorb them, which naturally causes the skin to warm up.

Already active in three countries, 5G is the first global electromagnetic radiation test on humans in the history of planet Earth. While most wireless industry executives reject the long list of legitimate health concerns raised by 5G, most scientists believe the public is in danger and more testing is needed.

Does 5G cause cancer?

Many scientists understand that electromagnetic radiation escaping through the doors of our microwave ovens is carcinogenic and therefore can cause cancer. Most of these scientists also believe that these waves are mutagenic, which means that they change the structure of the DNA of living things.

The rollout of 5G will be akin to turning on your microwave, opening your door, and leaving it on for the rest of its life. There’s a good reason why hundreds of scientists are taking action against the wireless industry.

Are 5G towers dangerous?

For the past ten years, 5G technology has been in the process of development. Originally planned as a layer on top of 3G and 4G, 5G is quickly becoming a world of its own.

Every cell tower in your neighborhood emits radio frequency (RF) radiation. Radiation causes cancer. By 2021, every city will have 5G towers and cell stations. These devices will be on the top or side of millions of buildings around the world.

The wireless industry isn’t just building an infrastructure that provides faster downloads; is building a world microwave oven.
Yes, 5G towers and mini stations are extremely dangerous. Shorter millimeter waves are not only more dangerous to humans, due to the intensity of the technology, but will require millions more mini-towers than before, potentially one tower for every 2-8 houses. This means that a human’s RF radiation exposure will not just increase, but will increase exponentially in a few months.

These towers are not only dangerous; they are lethal and should be considered a crime against humanity.

Health risks of 5G technology

While there are many talks against the anti-5G community, there are also many compelling arguments among scientists who are waging war against the unproven technology.

In general, radiation has a big impact between humans and animals: it destroys our DNA, either by forcing it to mutate or by killing specific groups of cells, all of which lead to cancer.

Here’s what to expect if you experience prolonged exposure to radiation:

  1. Nausea
  2. Swelling
  3. Hair loss
  4. Decreased appetite
  5. Low energy
  6. damaged bone marrow
  7. damaged organs
  8. deep depression
  9. Confusion
  10. infections
  11. incapacitation and death

How to protect yourself from 5G

Other than moving to Mars or the Moon, we have many limitations to protect ourselves from this dangerous technology. The health effects of cell tower radiation are real. Since there will be thousands of these towers and stations in each city, it will be almost impossible to avoid them. Given how addicted we are to our mobile devices, the trend will be toward risking our lives to support our screen-related addictions.

With that being said, there are a few things we can do to protect ourselves from radiation. The more we focus on our health and diet, the more our immune system can defend itself against 5G radiation related challenges.

The Healing Field

The Healing Field explores how understanding quantum change is affecting our health, our society, and our future. This documentary addresses how to empower individuals to engage in self-healing practices, mind-body techniques, and energy medicine for their own self-care. Self-healing energy practices are something that everyone of all ages can start doing.

While fear can weaken our electromagnetic fields, love, intimacy, and social vulnerability can strengthen them. The most important thing we can do is focus on improving our health, state of mind, and exposure to nature. We always have control over our future, even if the general public is headed in another direction.

Here are some ideas to give us a chance and fight this:

  1. Don’t live near a cell tower or mini station.
  2. Buy an EMF shield and continue to measure radiation levels within 100 meters of your home.
  3. Eat healthy and take immune-boosting supplements.
  4. Spend time in the forest.
  5. Refrain from using your cell phone for long periods, including having your cell phone in your room.
  6. When you travel with your cell phone, keep it in an EMF protective bag.
  7. Consider buying some Orgonite, which is supposed to disperse electromagnetic fields and make them beneficial. Dr. Wilhelm Reich developed this unique compound.
  8. Educate yourself continually about the wireless industry and government support for this insane effort.
  9. Stay strong, stay away from fear, and continue to enhance your positive vibration through positive thinking, forgiveness, and increased attention to mental, emotional, and physical health.

Source: GAIA

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