What are the CloudBuster?

13 de diciembre de 2020

Dr. Wilhelm Reich, the father of orgone energy, after having served in World War I, studied medicine in Austria. He discovered what he called “bions”. These bions were what he thought of as bacteria that killed organisms that gave off radiation, and this is where Orgone was born.

Reich moved to America and began his research in orgone energy. That’s when he built the orgone energy accumulator, which was a box with layers of alternating organic and inorganic materials, designed to pick up positive ion resonance and redistribute negative ion resonance.

The benefit is that this therapy could relieve pain and potentially shrink tumors in cancer patients. It was thought that if orgone energy could be contained, it could also be collected. Deadly Orgone Radiation (DOR), produced at the time by atomic testing, was now in the atmosphere and Reich believed that, using this new technology, he could extract it. This is where the Cloudbuster was born.

The name “Cloudbuster” comes from the idea that this device could create rain and snow. The original device/model consisted of an arrangement of metal tubes. The pipes were then connected to hoses submerged in running water. The hose and pipe connection was then wrapped in an orgone energy storage box.

Dr. Reich said that his work was a discovery and that it would be up to others to lead it to results.

When pointed at the sky, Cloudbuster can form new clouds or dissipate existing ones. The Cloudbuster is designed to work like lightning rods do. The Cloudbuster focuses on a location in the sky, collects orgone energy, and grounds it to ground. By removing this energy, rain or clouds would take its place. Today, one of Wilhelm Reich’s Cloudbuster Pranic devices can still be found in Rangeley, Maine.

The theories behind a cloud buster are the same mechanisms behind how orgone energy works, only Orgone Devices are generally much smaller, more portable, and subtle.

Ideally, the Cloudbuster will be placed outside in a garden. Its placement can also be done on balconies, porches or decks. it acts in a larger radius, reaching up to 200 km in all directions and upwards. Early models required the Cloudbuster to be grounded in the water to transfer power; however, with Metayantra technology, developed by Iván Donalson, incorporated into contemporary models, grounding is not necessary.

Aside from Reich’s intended purpose or to remove DOR from the atmosphere, there are other reasons why cloudbusting could be beneficial. This may include drought-stricken regions, where farmers rely on crop production as a means of income, or individuals living in rural or undeveloped areas where drought may affect their ability to feed themselves or their families.

Cloud chasing could also benefit those who live in regions where wildfires are an imminent danger. For those suffering from malignant health issues, where air pollution or stagnant air has built up, a Cloudbuster could be of benefit. Also for those who suffer from the adverse side effects of seasonal depression and scientists who want to know more about atmospheric weather conditions, study droughts, ocean patterns or air pollution.

The Cloudbuster may not cause immediate precipitation, its presence will help in the atmospheric-energy repair that you want to implement in your environment.

Areas most affected by chemtrails will see more immediate results, some users have witnessed a buildup of smoke-like or dark matter, followed by clearer skies, cleaner air, and fewer obstructions like clouds and chemtrails.

Although they are not a substitute for Pranic Energy products combat fatigue, anxiety or restlessness due to cell phones, Wi-Fi power cords, some have said that even their Cloudbuster outdoors has helped combat the effects of its positive ionic resonance.

For almost 80 years, Cloudbuster has been used and improved and modeled globally to combat the adverse effects of pollution and drought.

Don Croft’s Cloudbuster

These are the Cloudbusters we make.

Don Croft, a self-taught bioelectrician, developed a modern version of Wilhelm Reich’s Cloudbuster that is safe for the operator and safe for the atmosphere. It was Don Croft who observed that the matrix of metallic particles suspended in organic material (orgonite base made of polyester resin and quartz) did the same as Reich’s sheets of metal and wood.

The effects and results are more positive and evident the more orgonites and/or electronites there are scattered around the area, since a synergy is produced between Cloudbuster and Orgonites-Electronites.

Orientation, Maintenance and Empowerment of the Cloudbuster or Rompe Nubes.

Videos of Well Orgon-ized areas. Orgone up.

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