Orgonite-Electronite Moon with Witch protection 5G.6G

100.00$ 120.00$ + VAT Oferta

Orgonite-Electronite Moon with Witch protection 5G.6G

Completely handmade.

Maximum protection 3G, 4G, 5G

90% 6G protection

  • Action Radius: 15 meters

Does not include VAT or shipping costs.

Orgonite-Electronite Moon with Witch protection 5G.6G
100.00$ 120.00$ + VAT
*** Legal Disclaimer: Orgonites-electronites, 5G.6G shielding products or any other products made by Orgonitasonline are not designed to treat or cure any disease or health condition, or create any specific change in your health . Cloudbusters of any size or format do not guarantee rain or changes in the weather. Any statement in customer reviews relates only to that person, and the results of using our products will vary from person to person. ***
Orgonite-Electronite Moon with Witch protection 5G.6G
100.00$ 120.00$ + VAT

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5G protection, Aluminum, Orgonites

Orgonite-Electronite Moon with Witch protection 5G.6G
100.00$ 120.00$ + VAT

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Orgonite-Electronite Moon with Witch protection 5G.6G

Completely handmade. Decorate your room, office, living room… and at the same time protect yourself from the harmful electromagnetic waves of 5G and 6G.

  • Action Radius: 15 meters.
  • 5G Protection: Maximum.
  • 6G protection: 90%

Questions and Answers about 5G Shields

Are 5G protectors also orgonites?

Based on our definition of what orgonites are or are not, where their composition must be 50% shavings, 50% resin and quartz inside, the answer would be that they ARE NOT ORGONITES per se. That said, devices IN ADDITION TO PROTECTING 5G, ALSO GENERATE ORGONE.

What is its composition?

The devices carry a mixture of various materials, each in different proportions. This combination has been the result of months of testing and measurement of results until finding the combination with optimal results.

Why do we know that it protects from 5G?

All the products that you have in this online store, once manufactured, are sent for measurement to a professional with more than 35 years of experience, of recognized prestige for his professionalism and without any link with orgonitasonline, neither economic nor emotional, who performs different tests on different days, weeks… obtaining for each device its bovis units, radio coverage and height and in this specific case its level of protection against 3G, 4G and 5G radiation. Once we have the results is when we publish them and make them available to customers.

How are the measurements carried out and what results have we obtained?

The measurements of the devices are carried out with the Bovis Biometer and Pendulum and as indicated, it must be carried out by professionals without any connection, since the information that these devices transmit to us may not be entirely true if our action, emotions… . influences these measurements.

In all the tests and in all the cases the results have been the maximum that the tests can show.

What are Orgonites – Electronites?

In summary, they are Electro-magnetic Energy Filters that trap and cancel the harmful energy that enters (also called D.O.R.) and is converted into positive energy through piezoelectricity (a set of electrical phenomena that manifest in some bodies subjected to pressure or other action mechanics) of quartz or tourmalines.

Dr. Wilhelm Reich is the point of reference in this field who studied the energy present in nature, which he named “ORGON“. An energy that is neither electric nor magnetic, but although it is not visible to the human eye, its effect is noticeable due to being in permanent contact with life, having great affinity with the liquid states of matter (H2O). It is known that it emits a bluish color, it goes through any material, it is a background radiant energy, zero point. We know that ORGON energy manifests itself through pulsations of 2 cycles: expansion and contraction present throughout the cycle of life.

How do they work?

First of all, it must be clarified that an Orgonite itself is not an ORGON energy accumulator. There are two types of energies: a positive one, which is ordered energy, like the natural energy of the environment; and another negative, which is this energy excited by electromagnetic radiation from high voltage towers, cell phones, televisions, computers, microwaves, etc. People also influence environmental orgone through their moods and emotions.

It works in the following way:

The resin attracts the D.O.R. (produced with the conglomeration of Antenna Towers, TV, Radio…) from the environment and stores it, like a sponge, while metal tends to bring it in and repel it simultaneously. This creates a chaotic state inside the device, the molecules move in all directions at the same time, and when said negative energy comes out of it, expelled by the metal through the resin, it does so in an orderly manner, since this united is a crystalloid substance – a crystal is by definition an ordered form, and that is why chaotic energy is ordered when passing through quartz because it has piezoelectric capacity; or ability to produce electricity when subjected to pressure (vibration). When included in an organic matrix (from sugar to polymers) in the presence of metal shavings, it is capable of acting as an electromodulatory or stabilizing element. Something like a filter for all types of radiation. The resin retains this energy inside, making it easier for the quartz to do its job. It is then when the quartz compressed by the resin generates a flow of electrons (piezoelectric quality) that add to the devitalized wave, converting it into positive energy or P.O.R.

Quartz has a resonant effect, which returns and recalls the frequency of terrestrial alignment, as if we had a tuner for our energy field.

It is therefore that Orgonites or Electronites can be considered as “energy filters” or “transmuters of negative energy into positive”.

The (Orgonites) help us to get rid of the harmful energy produced by harmful electromagnetic devices and conflicting states of mind. It is well known that a large number of pathologies that are diagnosed today, many of which are articular, are largely due to the progressive decrease of the Earth’s magnetic field and the electromagnetic pollution that we suffer, in addition to the current lifestyle of the society.

Therefore the “Orgonite” takes advantage of the latest advances in Orgonic physics, being able to trap negative energies instead of us receiving all their non-living potential for our health.

Natural Orgonite is a very powerful tool to reverse pollution in the atmosphere, soil and especially in water.