12 de abril de 2022

Good question… to which we are going to give an immediate answer and explain the reasons.

NO! not all orgonites are neither true nor much less functional.

Let’s remember that true and functional orgonites have a job that is to TRANSMUTE energy, it is a transformer of the so-called DOR energy (produced with emissions from telephone antennas, Wi-Fi, radio, computers, screens…) into balanced energy and ordered named POR.

In order for it to carry out this work, the orgonite must always be manufactured in harmony, 50% shavings, 50% resin and quartz inside the orgonite. The resin compresses the quartz which performs the piezoelectric function, the metal shavings attract the energy and the process of ordering and expelling it is carried out, generating orgone. This is the premise to affirm that an orgonite is an orgonite.

Therefore, orgonites that are not manufactured as described, those that are made with transparencies, spiral copper filaments or other shapes that do not go outside, can be precious, decorative, artistic orgonites, but in no case functional. Beware of spiral coppers, for example, which have some so-called “orgonites” and which do not go outside, this “orgonite” would stop performing the function of TRANSMUTING, becoming an ACCUMULATOR of DOR, with possible consequences for health.

The most basic and economical orgonite that we offer, has a radius of action of 6 meters above ground, 10 meters high and 8,500 Bovis.

Measuring the range in radius and height, as well as the Bovis units (which in short would be a unit that measures the energy level), must be done by a truly professional dowser, on different days to ensure the veracity of the results. A good way to ensure that there are no influences that alter the result when performing this measurement is… putting several different orgonites, in different boxes or covered without the person performing the measurement knowing where the one they want to measure is and performing the measurement. of each one “blindly” and so on different occasions and days.

ALL of our orgonites, pendants, cloudbuster… are manufactured and sent to a professional and recognized radioesthetist, without any connection to orgonitasonline, who performs their tests for days or weeks until there is no doubt about the results which we receive. sends them and only then, the articles are published in the catalog of the online store.

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